Deep Community Roots
Strong Leadership for Arizona


My decades of community involvement have identified me as a reliable go-to leader with proven success.


It has always been my nature to do what is best for the greater good and support the goals of a shared vision to better our community.


I have deep roots in Arizona. My entire life has been spent in LD28 and in the Republican party.

Thank You

Since I was a teenager, I have helped causes and candidates on Primary and General Election Day. This year, for the first time, the candidate I asked voters to consider was me. What an immensely different feeling when it is personal.

Running for public office is one of the most sacred activities in the democratic process. Treating the experience with integrity and respect is the primary obligation a candidate has to the voter and one I took seriously.

My experience was possible due the immeasurable support from my family – especially my husband Bill, who even manned a polling place for 13 hours. My helpful siblings, Dena, Jacque and brother Johnny who flew in from D.C. to stand outside polling places(!), my wonderful mother Ange Pappas, and cheerleaders (my children) Nicholas, Christina and Alexander. I also had the encouragement of great friends, and extended family from across the country.

I especially want to thank Maricopa County Supervisors Steve Chucri and Bill Gates for their unwavering belief in me and guidance as my campaign co-chairmen. To Senator Kate Brophy McGee for her teamwork, camaraderie and mentorship – boy, did we have a fun group too! And Governor Doug Ducey, not just for his endorsement but taking time to work a polling place for me on Election Day. To the many other community leaders and advocacy groups who offered their support, I cannot thank you enough. You are all dear to me.
Although, at this time, I will not be addressed as “The Honorable”, it is even more gratifying to know my campaign was. There was no other way for me and my team to be, regardless of the final vote count.
My entire family lives in LD28; my childhood friends, my church, my philanthropic, school and political associations are all in this district. Practically my entire campaign team lives in LD28, from creative design, website, printing, consulting, sign maintenance; it was all done by talented people in this area. My investment was here and the lion’s share of those who generously supported me financially also reside in LD28.
My community roots are deep and firmly planted. I have always lived here, been involved here and will continue to serve the greater good of Arizona and this district.

I am very thankful for the privilege to run, and even more grateful for your steady support, as volunteer, donor, endorser, consultant, friend, confidant, family member and VOTER.

If there is one thing I miss – it is walking and knocking on doors and taking the time to learn what is important to the constituents of this district. Who knows, perhaps my next “Plan A” will bring me back to your door.
I wish well the victors and extend to them and to you and your family good blessings, enlightenment and joy, now and throughout the New Year.

My very best regards,

Kathy Pappas Petsas

The Key Issues

Advocating proper funding for K-12 education and teachers

Accountability among all our education choices will build confidence and strength for our community schools

Protect taxpayers from government overreach

Thriving small businesses create jobs, leading to growth and improve quality of life

Improving infrastructure – roads, facilities, technology and public spaces will attract new business investment in Arizona

“When someone is talking to you about their children, they are talking to you about the most important part of their life. It’s time to listen.”

Kathy Pappas Petsas

Chairman, Legislative District 28 Republicans

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